AccessCopier 1.9 Released Download
V1.9 Released
Improve import part rows and skip rows.
Improve map columns.

V1.8 Released
Improve importing performance.
Some other bug fixes and enhancements.

V1.7 Released
Add convert "Struct Only".
Fix write empty string to CLOB/TEXT field.
Improve convert with large column count.

V1.6 Released
Add "upsert" mode import.
Improve "update" mode import, update key must be unique index.
Improve performance by build index after convert.

V1.5 Released
Fix import string contains single quote.
Fix load data to ftVarBytes field.

V1.4 Released
Add "copy N tables data to 1 table".
Add check file path exists before create Access file.
Add handle for skip rows big than total rows.
Add view TEXT(CLOB) by mouse click.
Add view target table after importing.

V1.3 Released
Add "Show table DDL".
Fix export query results that can not count records.
Improve wizard form UI.

V1.2 Released
Add "Create Table" on right click menu.
Add "Database Object TreeView".
Add "Drop Table" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Data" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Struct" on right click menu.

V1.1 Released
Add "Set default value for field" on creating table.
Add field name length limit on creating table.
Add support converting index, primary key, and default value on creating tables.
Improve converting data type on creating table.

V1.0 Released