Withdata Software Products

    DB Copy related products:
  • AccessCopier - Copy data from one Access database to another
  • DB2Copier - Copy data from one DB2 database to another
  • MsSqlCopier - Copy data from one SQL Server database to another
  • MysqlCopier - Copy data from one MySQL database to another
  • OracleCopier - Copy data from one Oracle database to another
  • PostgresCopier - Copy data from one PostgreSQL database to another
  • SqliteCopier - Copy data from one SQLite database to another
    MongoDB related products:
  • FileToMongo - Import data from File to MongoDB
  • MongoToFile - Export data from MongoDB to File
    MS SQL Server related products:
  • XlsToSql - Import Excel data to MS SQL Server
  • MsSqlToExcel - Export MS SQL Server data to Excel
  • TxtToSql - Import flat file data to MS SQL Server
  • SqlToTxt - Export MS SQL Server data to flat file and Excel
  • AccessToMsSql - Convert Access data to MS SQL Server
  • MsSqlToAccess - Convert MS SQL Server data to Access
  • XmlToMsSql - Import XML data to MS SQL Server
  • JsonToMsSql - Import JSON data to MS SQL Server
  • SqlLobEditor - Edit (Import/Export) MS SQL Server BLOB (text, ntext, image, varbinary) data directly
    CSV related products:
  • OraLoader - Import CSV data to Oracle, Export Oracle data to CSV file
  • SqlToTxt - Export Sql Server data to CSV file
  • TxtToSql - Import CSV file data to Sql Server
  • TxtToMy - Import CSV file data to Mysql
  • MyToTxt - Export Mysql data to CSV file
  • TxtToDB2 - Import CSV file data to DB2
  • DB2ToTxt - Export DB2 data to CSV file
  • CsvToAccess - Import CSV data to Access
  • AccessToFile - Export Access data to CSV file
  • TxtToSqlite - Import CSV file data to Sqlite
  • SqlitelToTxt - Export SQLite data to CSV file
  • TxtToPG - Import CSV file data to PostgreSQL
  • PGToTxt - Export PostgreSQL data to CSV file
    BLOB data related products:
  • OraLobEditor - Edit Oracle LOB data directly, import/export Oracle LOB (BLOB, CLOB) data
  • SqlLobEditor - Edit (Import/Export) Sql Server BLOB (TEXT, NTEXT, IMAGE, VARBINARY) data directly
  • MyLobEditor - Edit (Import/Export) Mysql LOB (BLOB, TEXT) data directly
  • DB2LobEditor - Edit (Import/Export) DB2 LOB (BLOB, CLOB) data directly
  • PGLobEditor - Edit (Import/Export) PostgreSQL LOB (BLOB, CLOB) data directly
  • SqliteLobEditor - Edit (Import/Export) SQLite LOB (BLOB, CLOB) data directly
  • DBBlobEditor - Edit BLOB data directly, for multiple databases: Oracle, Sql Server, Mysql, DB2, Access...
    Other products:
  • DataFileConverter - Convert data file between multiple formats
  • Tail4win - Windows port of the UNIX 'tail -f' command