FileToMongo 1.8 Released Download
V1.8 Released
Add option "source filename as column"
Add parse "US$" format string to number.
Fix calculate record number on multiple sheets.
Fix lost break lines when write multiple lines data to string field.
Improve map columns.

V1.7 Released
Fix a file choose bug.
Fix a folder choose bug.
Fix an SSL connect issue.
Improve importing performance.

V1.6 Released
Fix a performance problem cause by too many small files.
Fix bug on importing data from non-first sheet.
Fix bug on reading some XLSX files.
Fix the problem about duplicate node names.

V1.5 Released
Add import RDF N-Quads files (.nq) .
Add import RDF N-Triples files (.nt, .ntriples) .
Add import RDF Turtle files (.ttl, .n3) .
Improve read XML file performance.
Improve read big RDF file performance.

V1.4 Released
Add import from INI file.
Add validate JSON format.
Improve convert with large column count.
Improve parse TXT/TSV/CSV file quote char.
Improve read long text in XML.

V1.3 Released
Fix for MongoDB BSON binary type 04.
Improve JSON source view.
Improve XML source view.
Improve for XML duplicate column.
Improve read TAB, break line in JSON file.

V1.2 Released
Improve export from query.
Improve import date, number, boolean.
Improve read JSON ISODate.
Improve read JSON array.
Improve run query.
Improve support to import array.
Improve support to read big JSON file.
Improve support to read big TXT/CSV/TSV file.

V1.1 Released
Add "move successful files to another folder" function.
Add convert data from web.
Add handle for skip rows big than total rows.
Add support date format like: "20150101 13:43:29".
Add support date format like: "2016-04-12T18:37:09-07:00".
Add support date format like: "2016-07-21T17:18:52Z".
Add support date format like: "Fri, 21 Oct 2016 13:08:32 +0800".
Add support date formats like: "2015:06:21", "2015:06:21 08:02:48", "2016:03:20 20:08:08-06:00".
Add support to array of array.
Add support to convert both from XML child elements and attributes.
Add support to convert from n sub-level JSON child nodes.
Add support to convert from n sub-level XML child elements.
Add view target collection after importing.
Fix bug on data file contains empty line.
Fix bug on source data file name has no ext.
Fix list collections for MongoDB 2.*.
Fix user login on MongoDB 3.*.
Improve support for converting files from folder.

V1.0 Released
Fix import Excel/JSON/XML files from folder.
Improve wizard form UI.

V1.0 Released
First Release.