JsonToDbf 1.5 Released Download
V1.5 Released
Fix a file choose bug.
Fix a folder choose bug.
Fix import data to MEMO fields.
Improve importing performance.

V1.4 Released
Fix a SSL connect issue.
Fix a performance problem cause by too many small files.
Fix import data to DBF after create table.

V1.3 Released
Add suggest data type on creating table.
Add validate JSON format.
Fix write empty string to CLOB/TEXT field.
Improve convert with large column count.
Improve support to create index in dbf table.

V1.2 Released
Add "upsert" mode import.
Improve "update" mode import, update key must be unique index.
Improve JSON source view.
Improve read TAB, break line in JSON file.

V1.1 Released
Add view TEXT(CLOB) by mouse click.
Fix import string contains single quote.
Fix load data to ftVarBytes field.
Improve read JSON ISODate.
Improve read JSON array.
Improve support to read big JSON file.

V1.0 Released
First Release.